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Tax Management Planning

Retirement planning involves navigating various challenges, from the potential impact of rising tax rates to healthcare costs and market volatility. At Milford Financial, we understand the importance of securing your financial future.

Our strategic zero-tax retirement planning process is centered around your goals, ensuring you have the roadmap to follow and achieve financial peace of mind. We want to make sure you pay the lowest amount of taxes as allowed by law through the US Tax Code and create tax-free income when possible.

Tax-Free Income for Life

  • One of our core principles is to incorporate lifelong income streams into your portfolio. This approach reduces the risk of running out of money during your retirement years, providing you with financial security and peace of mind.

Principle Protection

  • We understand market volatility can be a significant concern for retirees. To address this, we establish protection against market loss for a portion of your portfolio. This strategy allows us to create safe and productive rates of return, ensuring your investments are working for you while safeguarding your principal.

Minimize Social Security Taxes

  • Paying less in Social Security taxes can significantly impact your retirement income. Our team is dedicated to helping you lower the amount you pay in Social Security taxes over your lifetime, potentially adding 5-7 years to your retirement income longevity.